Dually Exposed Exhibit

2014_Dually Exposed Show

On my creative art journey I am always open to discovering new ways of seeing or doing. In an Exhibit that closes today, Artworks (the Visual Arts Coalition of Bowling Green Art found at http://www.artworksinc.org) hosted a member’s show that included the inaugural “Dually Exposed” exhibit. Please go by today and see this exhibit if you have not had the chance.

Each artist was paired with a photographer, and then commissioned with bringing their own interpretation to one of that artist’s photos. I was honored to be a part of this exhibit and was paired with Ric Federico and his lovely “High and Dry” photo.

My interpretation added water and the meaning of being washed clean. It was christened “Water Works.” This process turned out to be fun and creatively challenging. I loved working with the idea of starting with another artist’s photo and transforming it to make it my own. I discovered yet another enjoyable path on my creative journey.

2014 Painting - Water Works by Deborah EatonWater Works in Show


Extraordinary Man, Extraordinary Inspiration

Paul Smith is a resident of Rosehaven nursing home in Oregon . Born with severe cerebal palsy, Paul has been in the nursing home since 1967. It seems an unlikely place to look for inspiration, but Paul is also a talented artist who finds ways to be creative every day.

Even though his movements are severely limited, that doesn’t stop him from using the gifts God has given him. His creativity knows only the bounds of 10 typewriter keys that he uses to create beautiful works of art that include subjects ranging from buildings, to animals, to detailed religious scenes. Simple symbols such as the #, and @ symbol comprise his art.

Many are in awe of Paul’s creative use of the typewriter. For a person with such a severe disability to be able to create such beauty is inspirational. It should move us to ask the question that Paul asks all of us, “What can you do?”

What can you do with the abilities and talents God has given you?

Watch the video on Paul and determine to use those talents you might have been hiding!

Dream Cards – Backgrounds

Dream Card Backgrounds

I am involved in a course called Business Fusion Studio with Laura West. This month the module has us creating Dream Cards. The first step is creating backgrounds. I had so much fun I thought I would share them. Later I will be adding my dreams on top as another layer. I will post those when I finish them.

I met Laura West at a NAMS  (Novice to Advanced Marketing System) business training conference. She creates gorgeous murals from the keynote speaker sessions.  If you are interested in free weekly online business  training simply click on this link  http://bit.ly/16hTbJw to be notified of the trainings.

If you are interested in more information about the Business Fusion Studio click below: http://www.businessfusionstudio.com/

Here’s wishing you a creative day!

5 Action Steps to More Inspired Days

What does it mean to be inspired? Where is inspiration found? Who can be an inspiration to you? Is it even important?

To inspire is to invigorate or stir a person to creative action, to arouse or create a feeling or idea, and/or to direct, guide and influence a person to a particular state of being.

Who Can Do It?
Anyone can be an inspiration.

Is It Important?
Yes, it is extremely important. So important that without it people lose hope and live unfulfilled, meaningless lives. As women, we need a good dose of inspiration daily. It is what breathes life into us. It is hope.

Where Can Inspiration Be Found?
Inspiration can be found all around us. But you must look for it. Open eyes must be preceded by open hearts.

Okay, so How Do I Get Inspired?

5 Action Steps to More Inspired Days:
1)     Choose a new activity you’ve been wanting to try. Salsa dancing? Getting a master’s  degree?    Even something as simple as a new restaurant can be a source of inspiration

2)     Sign up for a class with your local junior college or community education program.

3)     Explore a new hobby.

4)     Keep a journal. This will give you a place to keep your thoughts together as you brainstorm, set achievable goals and put your inspirations into motion.

5)     If we are out of touch with ourselves, sometimes it can be a process to find out what inspires us. Use that journal to close out your day. Record the best things that happened during the day and what brought you joy. Soon you will notice a pattern. Follow that road where it may lead.


Quotes to Inspire