Extraordinary Man, Extraordinary Inspiration

Paul Smith is a resident of Rosehaven nursing home in Oregon . Born with severe cerebal palsy, Paul has been in the nursing home since 1967. It seems an unlikely place to look for inspiration, but Paul is also a talented artist who finds ways to be creative every day.

Even though his movements are severely limited, that doesn’t stop him from using the gifts God has given him. His creativity knows only the bounds of 10 typewriter keys that he uses to create beautiful works of art that include subjects ranging from buildings, to animals, to detailed religious scenes. Simple symbols such as the #, and @ symbol comprise his art.

Many are in awe of Paul’s creative use of the typewriter. For a person with such a severe disability to be able to create such beauty is inspirational. It should move us to ask the question that Paul asks all of us, “What can you do?”

What can you do with the abilities and talents God has given you?

Watch the video on Paul and determine to use those talents you might have been hiding!