Dually Exposed Exhibit

2014_Dually Exposed Show

On my creative art journey I am always open to discovering new ways of seeing or doing. In an Exhibit that closes today, Artworks (the Visual Arts Coalition of Bowling Green Art found at http://www.artworksinc.org) hosted a member’s show that included the inaugural “Dually Exposed” exhibit. Please go by today and see this exhibit if you have not had the chance.

Each artist was paired with a photographer, and then commissioned with bringing their own interpretation to one of that artist’s photos. I was honored to be a part of this exhibit and was paired with Ric Federico and his lovely “High and Dry” photo.

My interpretation added water and the meaning of being washed clean. It was christened “Water Works.” This process turned out to be fun and creatively challenging. I loved working with the idea of starting with another artist’s photo and transforming it to make it my own. I discovered yet another enjoyable path on my creative journey.

2014 Painting - Water Works by Deborah EatonWater Works in Show