Be Creative

Leaving the nest is scary.
– Julia Cameron

Why do we self-sabotage our creativity?

When our child brings home a picture from school and says, “Look what I did!” As Moms we ooh and aah about it and honor it by putting it on the refrigerator. We sincerely value their efforts and wouldn’t think of criticizing our child’s honest work in being creative.

But what happens when it comes to ourselves? We nit pick and say we ‘aren’t creative.’ We don’t believe we can do ‘good enough’ work. What happened? We grew up. All the play has been knocked out of us. God never intended for us to lose our ability to be creative. In fact, He created us to be just that. We are created in His image. That means all of us have that creative spark.

Let’s start nurturing our creativity. Start today. Do something creative and then celebrate that creative act. Stifle the urge to judge your creation. It’s not about your creation’s value or quality. The act of creating is enough.

One of the purposes of this website is to help you create a rich creative life that nurtures and supports our God-given souls and the gifts He has given us to use on this earth.

Having a creative life isn’t a goal on your “to do” list. It is who we are deep down.

We often become too focused on the outcome rather than the process. Just start where you are and go create something. Creating fills empty spaces within us that can’t be filled with shopping or eating, or decorating or redecorating our homes.

God has given us the desire and ability to create an extraordinary life, but this only happens when we allow His Spirit to infuse our ordinary days with creative juice. The challenges and opportunities He places in our life are simple sparks to ignite and fuel our creativity to inspire us to be more like Him—the ultimate Creator.

Quotes for the Creative Spirit

Giving Back & Fly Tribe Blog Hop

This is the first anniversary of my Fly Tribe group. It all started a year ago with signing up to Kelly Rae Roberts “Flying Lessons” course. It has been a journey filled with wonder and excitement. Best of all, I am now part of an awesome group of girlies that support each other not just in building an art business but in every aspect of our lives. I have even met a few of them in person and plan to meet many more at our “Fly Tribe” retreat next April.

As you travel through this Fly Tribe Blog hop you will find that we all have a common theme – giving back because of the gratitude we feel for all that has been given to us through this course and through each other.

Members of The Fly Tribe have donated money to the “Giving Flight ~ Giving Back” project. We are giving away, at last count, 8 scholarships to the last running of “Flying Lessons.” Also, extremely awesome is that Kelly Rae Roberts is matching our donations, one for one. What a generous spirit that I am so happy to be a part of in this wonderful group!

If you have a dream of starting a business with your art or expanding the one you have, please sign up and take Kelly Rae Robert’s class “Flying Lessons.” It will open up wonderful possibilities for you, just like it has done for me and the members of my Fly Tribe group. So sign up now for the opportunity to be a winner of one of the scholarships!

Just follow the link below to find out the details:
Fly Tribe Giveaway


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916 Art Reception

Come join the Second Public Hanging Reception at the 916 Gallery on the square in Bowling Green tonight!

Vote for your favorite photograph and help out CASA of South Central KY, Inc. Each vote is only a $1 with all proceeds going to support CASA.

Ignore the snow and come on out – anytime between 5 until 8 p.m.

Fly Tribe Meet Up

I had the opportunity to meet four of my new friends from the Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons ecourse in person last Saturday. We met in Louisville and had a grand time visiting. Even though I had never met them in person before, I immediately felt like they were old friends — Kindred spirits in our journey to live creative lives and be true to ourselves.


I received these beautiful gifts:














from Kelley Miller

















from Kelly Hoering


BraveGirl Pendant















from Kathleen Conrad


Kathleen based the pendants on the word we had each picked for 2012. Since I had not yet decided on a word, she took the liberty of putting “Brave Girl” on mine. I love it! And, I have decided that it is the very word I need for the year – “BRAVE.” Thanks, Kathleen for the little push – it was exactly what I needed.

What an incredible day of inspiration, friendship, and sharing!

Thanks, Ladies!


Word of the Year

2011 — A brand new glorious year! Can you believe 2010 went by so fast? If you are like me there are many things you accomplished in the past year but many you had planned that did not get done.

One way we can move on from 2010 and be sure that 2011 will move us in the direction we want to go is to choose a word for the year-a word of intention. Many blogs have been addressing this concept lately and I wholeheartedly endorse it. I first got the idea from my art journaling group, “Blissfully Art Journaling” (

My chosen word for 2011 is JOY!  I want and need more joy in my life through creating, celebrating, friends, and laughter.

So, what will your intention be for 2011? Just pick a word…