Be Creative

Leaving the nest is scary.
– Julia Cameron

Why do we self-sabotage our creativity?

When our child brings home a picture from school and says, “Look what I did!” As Moms we ooh and aah about it and honor it by putting it on the refrigerator. We sincerely value their efforts and wouldn’t think of criticizing our child’s honest work in being creative.

But what happens when it comes to ourselves? We nit pick and say we ‘aren’t creative.’ We don’t believe we can do ‘good enough’ work. What happened? We grew up. All the play has been knocked out of us. God never intended for us to lose our ability to be creative. In fact, He created us to be just that. We are created in His image. That means all of us have that creative spark.

Let’s start nurturing our creativity. Start today. Do something creative and then celebrate that creative act. Stifle the urge to judge your creation. It’s not about your creation’s value or quality. The act of creating is enough.

One of the purposes of this website is to help you create a rich creative life that nurtures and supports our God-given souls and the gifts He has given us to use on this earth.

Having a creative life isn’t a goal on your “to do” list. It is who we are deep down.

We often become too focused on the outcome rather than the process. Just start where you are and go create something. Creating fills empty spaces within us that can’t be filled with shopping or eating, or decorating or redecorating our homes.

God has given us the desire and ability to create an extraordinary life, but this only happens when we allow His Spirit to infuse our ordinary days with creative juice. The challenges and opportunities He places in our life are simple sparks to ignite and fuel our creativity to inspire us to be more like Him—the ultimate Creator.

Quotes for the Creative Spirit