Fly Tribe Meet Up

I had the opportunity to meet four of my new friends from the Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons ecourse in person last Saturday. We met in Louisville and had a grand time visiting. Even though I had never met them in person before, I immediately felt like they were old friends — Kindred spirits in our journey to live creative lives and be true to ourselves.


I received these beautiful gifts:














from Kelley Miller

















from Kelly Hoering


BraveGirl Pendant















from Kathleen Conrad


Kathleen based the pendants on the word we had each picked for 2012. Since I had not yet decided on a word, she took the liberty of putting “Brave Girl” on mine. I love it! And, I have decided that it is the very word I need for the year – “BRAVE.” Thanks, Kathleen for the little push – it was exactly what I needed.

What an incredible day of inspiration, friendship, and sharing!

Thanks, Ladies!


Interesting Take on Art

Since this is Friday Fabulous Video Day, I thought I would share this amazing video. Not only does Andrea give us an entertaining video but her message is profound. Watch and see if for yourself. Enjoy!

Art by Andrea Dorfman

I hope you will be blessed by this video as much as I was.




I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.


Praise for Dreaming Big

This video was sent to me by one of my creative friends.

I was so inspired that I just had to share it!

Can you remember what you felt like when you were young and thought you could do anything? What were your dreams then? What about now? Are you still allowing yourself to dream?