Praise for Dreaming Big

This video was sent to me by one of my creative friends.

I was so inspired that I just had to share it!

Can you remember what you felt like when you were young and thought you could do anything? What were your dreams then? What about now? Are you still allowing yourself to dream?

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4 thoughts on “Praise for Dreaming Big

  1. Thanks, Lenore. The photo was taken on our front porch on a Sunday afternoon. Love your blog, too. Thanks for dropping by : D

  2. Now there is some inspiration!!! I love this song. At work we are submitting songs for to our tech department, and they are going to make CD’s with snippets of everyone’s song. Then, while we take an hour trip to our company retreat, we will try to guess which song goes with each person. I think I found my song! Thanks for sharing…keep flying, Rae.

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