Noah’s Ark

Colorful Birds

Colorful Birds


Noah’s Ark — Everything I need to know, I learned from Noah’s Ark.

  I received this in my inbox today and thought it was so delightful that I would pass it on. I don’t know whom to credit as the author, but these are wise words of wisdom we could all use.

  1. Don’t miss the boat.
  2. Remember that we are all in the same boat!
  3. Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.
  4. Stay fit. When you’re 60 years old, someone may
    ask you to do something really big.
  5. Don’t listen to critics;
    just get on with the job that needs to be done.
  6. Build your future on high ground.
  7. For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.
  8. Speed isn’t always an advantage.
    The snails were on board with the cheetahs.
  9. When you’re stressed, float awhile.
  10. Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs;
    the Titanic by professionals.
  11. No matter the storm, when you are with God,
    there’s always a rainbow waiting.

Super Moon

Super Moon


We went on vacation to Indian Harbour Beach, Florida this summer. While we were there the Super Moon made its appearance in the night sky. I forgot to take my tripod so I could get the best shot, however, I ended up with this shot. Along with my husband and my daughter, I frolicked on the beach in the moonlight and had a good time anyway. Perhaps I will get a better shot next time!

5 Action Steps to More Inspired Days

What does it mean to be inspired? Where is inspiration found? Who can be an inspiration to you? Is it even important?

To inspire is to invigorate or stir a person to creative action, to arouse or create a feeling or idea, and/or to direct, guide and influence a person to a particular state of being.

Who Can Do It?
Anyone can be an inspiration.

Is It Important?
Yes, it is extremely important. So important that without it people lose hope and live unfulfilled, meaningless lives. As women, we need a good dose of inspiration daily. It is what breathes life into us. It is hope.

Where Can Inspiration Be Found?
Inspiration can be found all around us. But you must look for it. Open eyes must be preceded by open hearts.

Okay, so How Do I Get Inspired?

5 Action Steps to More Inspired Days:
1)     Choose a new activity you’ve been wanting to try. Salsa dancing? Getting a master’s  degree?    Even something as simple as a new restaurant can be a source of inspiration

2)     Sign up for a class with your local junior college or community education program.

3)     Explore a new hobby.

4)     Keep a journal. This will give you a place to keep your thoughts together as you brainstorm, set achievable goals and put your inspirations into motion.

5)     If we are out of touch with ourselves, sometimes it can be a process to find out what inspires us. Use that journal to close out your day. Record the best things that happened during the day and what brought you joy. Soon you will notice a pattern. Follow that road where it may lead.


Quotes to Inspire

For the Love of Children

Playing with Haiti Children


This was my 4th Mission Trip to Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. My daughter, Sarah, went with me this time. It was an eye opening experience for her and her friend that came, too.

In Haiti, our team worked in the orphanage.  I really enjoyed working with the kids. Their smiles are a joy!

The children loved playing pass the ball, blowing bubbles, and playing in the sand with the new sand toys (buckets and little shovels) we brought for them to play with.

Here I am holding two of the smallest children. It was hard to get these two sweeties to crack a smile, but when they did, the result was nothing short of beautiful. Just holding them was a joy, too!

These children swarm towards you when you enter the gate and don’t want to let you go. They enjoy just sitting in your lap getting hugs or are willing to play games.

If you love being with children, you might consider a trip to Haiti or another country to play with the children.


I Believe…

I believe in the God of the Bible, Sovereign, Almighty, and worthy of praise.
I believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son. John 3:16
I believe in the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I believe in the value of dynamic worship.
I believe in the power and value of prayer.
I believe in the Church as the sanctioned body of Christ.

I believe all followers of Christ need to be involved in a local church.
I believe all followers of Christ need to be involved in ministry and serving others.
I believe all followers of Christ need to be using their spiritual gifts in the Kingdom.

I believe we are all commissioned to reach out to others and tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ – salvation, and help them grow and develop a relationship with Him.
Matthew 28:18-20