Lighten Up!

Letting go of the burdens that weigh you down

It’s a new year. A fresh, clean slate to write our new story. A beginning. You should feel happy and excited. And part of you is just that. There’s another part, though, that is still bogged down in last year. Weighted down by the past – past issues, past relationships, past stuff. Unforgiveness, hurts, jealousies, lousy breaks.

What happens when you want to start fresh but it seems impossible because of the weight? That heaviness that settles around you until you can’t breathe. You try to ignore it. You try to move on into that brand new sparkling new year but it’s holding you back. It’s like swimming in molasses, pulling you down, keeping you in the mire.

Why are you stuck in all that goo? Because you think you have to solve all the problems, because you have to have all the answers, because you must fix everything before you can move forward?

What would happen if you let go? Just let go of all that heavy stuff that holds your heart and mind captive. Would the world fall apart? Are you Atlas holding up the world on your shoulders?

You want to be your own god and have all the power. Do you have a god complex?

Read this excerpt from Beth Moore in “Portraits of Devotion:”

“Our first reaction upon hearing this bit of truth might be to deny it—that we’ve never had a desire to be God. But how often do we take immediate responsibility for handling most of the problems in our midst? How often do we try changing the people we know and feeding our control addiction with the drug of manipulation? Simply put, we try to play God, and frankly, it’s exhausting.”

When you are trying to fix everything in your life, that’s when it gets heavy and tiring.

It is impossible to move into the new year when you are still carrying the old year on your back.

Let go. If it’s too heavy, put it all down. Give it to God and let Him be the creator and sovereign God that He is. Your God is huge! He is able and ready to take on that weight.

“Approach the throne of grace with confidence, with eyes on Him, not on yourself.”

Then, you can enter the new year with joy and gladness!

Lighten Up!