Simple Goal Setting

Since January has arrived, the world is focused on setting goals and resolutions. I, too, am focused on what I want to accomplish for the year. I have tried as many different goal setting programs as the number of the socks in my chest drawer. Unfortunately not many of them have worked—or is it me that hasn’t worked them?

Either way, most of the time I find them too complicated to keep up with. In years past, I have ended up with pages of lists, goals and visions for what I want the New Year to hold. It all sounds good and looks good on paper but proves to be impossible to implement.

I discovered that I am a simple person, free-spirited and artistic. I don’t like schedules or a long list of to-do’s. You may be the opposite of me—orderly, scheduled, and time conscious.

Whatever personality you have, I believe in using what works. This year I am going with the simple path. I have written a few goals on a 4”x6” index card. That’s it.

There are two reasons I am going simple and small:

  1. It keeps me  from feeling overwhelmed
  2. t helps me remember that no matter what happens I am content in the Lord and what He has planned for my life in 2011

Suggestions for your goal setting process:

  1. Keep it simple. Make sure that any to-do lists and deadlines are truly important to you.
  2. Take Action. Put your Ideas into action on a daily basis and commit to be more intentional with your choices.
  3. Track your progress. Use a simple chart to keep track of your progress. This alone will move you closer to your goal.
  4. Know your purpose. It is much easier to clarify your goals and choose the correct actions if you know what your greater purpose is.


Purpose—to sell Girl Scout cookies

Goal—sell 100 boxes

Action steps—ask 20 friends, ask women in ladies group, and set up table at Wal-mart

Whatever method you choose, I wish for you a very productive 2011.